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Technology: curse or blessing?


Today, change is so swift and relentless in techno-societies that yesterday’s truth suddenly became today’s fiction.

• Topic:

Our panel discussion topics will be about Technology: curse or blessing.

• Members and Subtopics are as follows:

Camille Sanchez - Moderator
Dawn Suzette Aguila – effects of technology on the environment
Angelyn Descargar – effects of technology on the environment
Melissa Juan – effects of technology on society
Rache Mae Manantan – effects of technology on society
Elvynna Morales – effects of technology on financial system
Jessica Pedro – effects of technology on financial system
Kin Miyage Santos – effects of technology on business
Niña Alyssa Mae Uy – effects of technology on business

• Problem Question

The main question our group had to keep in mind while researching on their sub-topics was: how would technology affect the different divisions of our world.

• Overview of the topic
o Audience Concerns:
 Technology can affect different parts of our lives:
1. Society - people
2. Financial system - money
3. Business – firms, production
4. Environment – surroundings
o Technology can have both positive and negative effects.
o An example: With our cell phone, it helps us communicate better with one another but it is expensive and it is sometimes the target of snatchers and hold-uppers.
o Definition:
 Technology is defined as a broad concept that deals with an animal species' usage and knowledge of tools and crafts, and how it affects an animal species' ability to control and adapt to its environment.
 Environment
 Society
 Business
 Financial System

• Background Info
o Technology is the process by humans who modify nature to meet their needs and wants. The knowledge and processes used to create and to operate technological artifacts -- engineering know-how, manufacturing expertise, and various technical skills -- are equally important...