When Life Is Wasted

When Life Is Wasted

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The Rose of Death

A Rose for Emily, an enticing short story by William Faulkner, has an interesting character named Ms. Emily. Her entire life was practically wasted. Growing up in a rich family she has higher expectations then the common person. This controlled life set her life up for disappointment and loneliness. Emily lived a sheltered life and when her father passed away it left an empty space in her heart that she could not seem to fill, until Homer came around, but Ms. Emily feared that he would leave her. She kept him close; close enough get attached to him. This made her feel loved again. Emily knew that one day it would end, but to what extent would she go to keep him? Arsenic poison from the drug store would be strong enough to do the job. The question is why Ms. Emily killed the man that she loved. She killed Homer because she did not want people to gossip and find out the true him, and to cope with the multiple feelings she had.

Was it because she let her feelings get in the way? Ms. Emily felt lonely because he father had passed away. She loved her father and she knew that if he could leave, then another man could as well. Her previous loved left shortly after the passing of her father. Betrayed by him in the time that she needed him the most, he left without so much as a goodbye. Anger took over her body causing her to shut herself in her house, cutting off contact with the rest of the town. With ten years passing the people of the town needed to get back taxes. She did not even know the old sheriff had passed on. The townspeople would try to nose their way into her house and business but she was quick to shut them out with a civil attitude. Ms. Emily’s feelings got the best of her, but those are not the only problems she faced when it came to her new found love, Homer.

Ms. Emily’s social class played a huge role in her life, because that was how she was raised. She was born into a wealthy family that looked down upon...

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