When Your Alone and Lonely

When Your Alone and Lonely

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A Rose For Emily

As we get to know Miss Emily through the eyes of others,

through your own words and actions and through the time and place,

her motive becomes clear to us. Miss Emily was very lonely, And

what made it worse was that the whole town knew why.

After her “sweetheart deserted her” it made it seem as if things

were just getting worse and worse for Miss Emily. She never again

left her house and her young petite frame was offset by an unnatural

obesity and her head full of gray hair. Complaints were set in by her

neighbors about the horrible smell that lingered around Miss Emily’s

property . And the worst thing was, she was living alone, without

lover, friend or family.

“We remembered all the young men her father had driven

away.” She resented him for it. I think her father added on to the

chance of her being depressed and led her to the life she ended up

living. If she had a lover or at least a friend, she wouldn’t have been

living such a lonely life filled with such agony and reserve.

Miss Emily’s loneliness didn’t affect anybody in any way but

really only gave something for the people in town to gossip about.

Her way of being stubborn, selfish, and ignorant were upon her own

being. But her loneliness was blamed.

Miss Emily’s acrid behavior never had to beg to show. When

the people showed up at Miss Emily’s house with no inform, “she did

not ask them to sit.” She felt violated that someone would enter her

house like they were welcome. Her not asking them to sit shows

much of her personality. She didn’t want them there and showing

them how she was felt wasn’t all that unacceptable.

When Miss Emily went to the drug store to buy poison, most of

her behavior was analyzed. The way she persuaded the druggist to

give her arsenic was uncommon. She first asked for poison then

knew exactly what she wanted. And without a doubt Miss Emily gets...

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