Which are the Common Used Vibrating Machine in Daily Life?

Which are the Common Used Vibrating Machine in Daily Life?

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In coal preparation plant in the whole process, screening for the very important task, and in the role of different process is different.Used in coal preparation plant of sieving machine with fixed screen, roller screen, drum sieve, sieve, sieve shaker, resonance, such as probability screen and screen, etc.

1) fixed screenFixed screening grizzly, bar screen and a slotted screen, etc.Grizzly number used by the upper coal pit, in order to avoid a big piece of raw coal in coal bunker, discharging mouth.Bar screen are used to more screening in advance.Slit screen used for used for dehydration (medium) in advance before screen drainage (medium).Fixed arc sieve and vortex sieve belongs to the new type of fixed screen.Arc sieve as dehydration (medium) homework beforehand drainage (medium).Vortex sieve with arc sieve and centrifugal hydroextractor their respective advantages, so it can be used in the plant at the end of the initial dehydration, can also be used for desliming and coal at the end of the fine coal classification.

2) roller screen: Roller screen is a kind of activity bar screen.Can handle without broken chunks of material in coal preparation plant, used for incoming raw coal screening homework in advance.Now has replaced sheet axis of inertia vibrating screen.

3) drum screen: Drum screen due to the low processing capacity per unit area, the sieve Kong Yi blockage, the disadvantage of low screening efficiency, at present only a handful of coal preparation plant in coarse, medium grained materials used in screening and dehydration.

4) shaker Shaker is characterized by the size of screen box shaking (stroke) does not change from what quantificationally. But its low screening efficiency and processing capacity, as a result, a new design of coal preparation plant is not adopted now.In the old small and medium coal preparation plant, is mainly used in the plant and at the end of the coarse coal slime dewatering.

5) resonance screen Resonance linear...

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