Which Equipment Is Suitable for Crushing of Limestone

Which Equipment Is Suitable for Crushing of Limestone

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Limestone is the raw material of lime, cement, heavy calcium,not high hardness, Mohs hardness roughly between 3-4.The limestone gravel is one of normal aggregates, main 12,13,14,24 and other specifications. Choose limestone crusher are many, hammer crusher, impact crusher, jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher can all be used, but select from the economic point, hammer crusher, impact crusher are commonly used, jaw crusher, impact crusher is both economical and efficient equipment, can produce very little flakiness content of stone, is the most commonly equipment in the limestone aggregates production .

Fote Machinery impact crusher with high hardness, high wear resistance alloy plate hammer and counterattack board, greatly enhanced the life of impact crusher; three-cavity broken, take full advantage of the crushing space, improved crushing efficiency; reasonable prices, in the industry have cost-effective. We will give you reasonable arrangements for the production line, enhance customer maximize capacity.

HENAN FOTE MICHINERY Co., LTD. is a multi-mine production, sales, research and mining machinery and equipment to survive the quality, integrity management enterprise. Mining machinery and equipment are heavy machinery and equipment, investment costs are relatively large, mining machinery industry, development prospects good, but the development of and demand for jaw crusher is dependent on the national fixed assets investment in China is a socialist country, many large construction project development must be based on the ability to engage in national development. At the beginning of last year's economic crisis, China has invested 4 trillion of funds for the construction of fixed assets of state,so that our mining machinery industry has played a very beneficial role in promoting, led the mining machinery industry investment boom.
The leading products of Fote Machinery includesleeve dryer, ceramics ball mill manufacturer, jaw crushing machine and so...

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