Which fields Cassava starch production line mainly used in?

Which fields Cassava starch production line mainly used in?

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The cassava starch production line is mainly used as food products thickening agent, gelling agent, blinding agent or stabilizing agent. In addition to direct use, the potato starch is also an indispensable material for high standard restaurants, hotels as well as home cooking and snacks.

Besides, cassava starch machinery is widely applied in the chemical industry and paper-making industry as well. Clean raw materials for cassava processing play an important role, so de-stoning and cleaning unit of pretreatment stage is the most important. The purpose of this CASSAVA STARCH PRODUCTION LINE is to get rid of sandstone, clay of cassava, and to deposit cleaned cassava in the cassava temporary hopper.Cassava is conveyed into the blades washer, blades washer adopts counter-current cleaning principle. Water flow (used for washing) and the materials movement direction is opposite.

Win Tone cassava starch production line takes advantage of the close cooperation with companies in the same trade, scientific establishments and experts from home and abroad.

Finally the cassava cleaned by the three-grade blades washer, falls into the crusher through the big inclination-angle belt conveyor to carry on the preliminary slicing of cassava tuber. Cassava is cut into small piece to ensure rasping efficiency of rasper. Cubage of raw material temporary storage bin generally is designed to store washing quantity for one to two hours.
CASSAVA STARCH PRODUCTION LINE can be a good match running, and the equipment has features of less power consumption, large capacity, smooth operation etc. Our equipments were awarded with 3 national patents and we awarded with the scientific and technological advance prize. The starch undergoes through dehydration to meet the standards of the commercial product, as it needs dewatering of up to 20% of moisture.


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