Which Situation You Need to Immediately Stop Crusher?

Which Situation You Need to Immediately Stop Crusher?

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Sand production and stone deformation in engineering field like water conservancy and hydropower, high-level road, highway, high-speed railway, passenger dedicated line, bridge, airport pavement, municipal engineering, high-rise building, etc. Small Gravel crusher or sandstone crusher is used in many departments like mining, metallurgy, construction materials, road, railway,water conservancy, chemical industry and many other departments. It is usually used in sand production line by combining with sand washer, crusher, round vibrating screen and vibrating feeder to conduct more economical and efficient production. But do you know in Which Situation You Need to Immediately Stop small gravel Crusher?

The related change about small gravel crusher is as follows:

1, close the magnetic starter hand power;

2, hand button opens at two or three times;

3, starting, idling, 1 ~ 2 weeks;

4, reprint machine, gravel crusher joint operation;

5, check without exception, signal switch on.

6, gravel jaw crusher in the process of running the machine and motor cannot have vibration, noise and humidity to be normal, the bearing temperature does not exceed 75 ℃, the temperature of the motor must not exceed manufacturers;

7, reprint machine chain slack must agree, under full load condition, the chain elastic quantity does not allow more than two link length, can not have card chain, the chain of jump phenomenon;

8, reprint machine swivel fusible plug or bombing damage, shall be made from wood or other material to replace;

9, breaker protection network security device should be kept in good condition, in the process of work to check, if there is any damage shall be immediately stop processing;

10, reprint machine tail protection safety device must be guaranteed in good condition;

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