While We Dream

While We Dream

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This is a time for people to be monsters - the horrible, senseless, uncaring monsters that they really are.

Natural Disasters, We Laugh. Sickness and Bloodshed, We Laugh. Sadism and Masochism, We laugh. Suicide, homicide, genocide- We Laugh. Racism, Sexism, discrimination, xenophobia, and baseless hate- We Laugh. We are mindless "me too" ism, We are Irrational Preference, We are pointless destruction of other peoples lives. We are the future. We are now, and We are here to Stay.

This is not your home. This is not your street. This is not your neighborhood, your city, your state, your country. This is not your revolution. You were just another contender. Another man held in contempt of our glory. Fear the watchful of what you have lost. For you are no longer amongst them, and you are not welcome amongst us.

Welcome to the last sabotage of the world. This is the last "Hurrah!" This is the last crusade. We are feeding on you now in an attempt to keep them out. Just so the laughter that has lasted for such a short time will last forever in our following. They know nothing of what we are. They know nothing of who we are. We are everything, we are everyone. We are the last of the legions. We are everything evil and we have embraced it.

Truly we are disgusting. Truly we are everything they have ever wanted to be. If simple atrophy of the soul could give this kind of freedom then we would have much less people following that God of theirs, and much more following the heartless glow of ours. Our deity. Our "God." Ourselves.

What hasn't been lost in thoughts of prophecies and destruction. Days of doom. Times of death. The world. Destroyed. What does anyone have to lose when so much has already been stolen. Your future, demolished. What could you have had? No one loves you. No one cares. It is not a time for anyone to be an individual. This is a time for molding. Dehumanization.

Dehumanization is exactly what Chase thought. Chase. Chase was the only man...

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