Whirlpool Warehouse Management

Whirlpool Warehouse Management

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The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies

LGT3107 - Warehousing and Materials Management

Group Assignment

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Lam Tsz Ling, Cherie ()
Li Ka Ki, Keith (14043106D)
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Yan Hiu Ying, Kelly ()
Yuen Chiu, John ()


Current Warehouse System P.3

SWOT Analysis P.5

Problem Analysis

Problem 1 and Solution P.9
Problem 2 and Solution P.11
Problem 3 and Solution P.15

Bibliography P.21

Current Warehouse System
Warehouse acts as a critical factor in the whole supply chain and the business. It serves as storage for different kinds of products and between point of origin and point of consumption. Warehouse could also share the information with the rest of the management team in order to notify all the management team within the supply chain based on the condition of items being stored.
Warehouse operations are essential for the products which has mismatch pattern of production and consumption. For Whirlpool, its major products are the electronics commodities which there are seasonal demand in the products, i.e. having a higher demand in fan in summer while having a higher demand in water boiler in the summer. Therefore, warehouse system acts as a very important role in Whirlpool’s supply chain.
The selection of warehouse involves in a lot of processes. First, the stage in the supply chain followed by the major function in the warehouse. For the Whirlpool, it requires a lot of movement and storage of warehouse operations. Normally, with lots of inventories, firms would tend to use private warehouse for easier inventory management. In contrast, Whirlpool has outsourced their warehouse by third party logistics. They had chosen Penske Logistics to be their lead logistics provider. Penske logistics has the responsibility for execution and management of third party logistics...

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