Who Am I555

Who Am I555

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I totally admit that im a very unique girl. I laugh alot and laugh at practically anything and everything. I do alot of random things but am proud of them because i think it makes me different. But i realise no matter how different i try to be, im still classified as a typical girl. i have long hair, i wear make up sometimes i like to dress up sometimes, i get shy once in a while, go red when i stack it and am quite conscious about the way i look. But after all, i am human and thats the way we were constructed to behave.

I Love the simpsons, mainly because it a good laugh and the ideas are so random and different, its so ridicously funny. I can go on and on about the simpsons but i think thats just going to bore you to death considering that you also know the simpsons very well, hopefully. Like everyone, i have friends. (thank god) However, i dont have many close friends, only a small group of close friends that i trust and know very well.

Im proud to say that i am learning to become a primary (elementary) school teacher. Im still asking myself why i like teaching besides from loving young children. At this stage in my study as a teacher, i enjoy the practicals but don't necessary enjoy the theory part of the course. I think most potential teachers are also on this path but its frustrating me because the theory is as important as the practicals itself.

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