Who Am I?

Who Am I?

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What makes some one unique can be there personalities, their religious views their hobbies their personality the music that interests them. Unique persons are: Einstein for his intellect, how much he has provided in the ways of scientific laws,and theories, that have advanced the world. Henry David Thoreau for his writings his affiliation with the transcendentalist movement his desire to know more about the natural world. I would view my self as a unique individual for my work ethic, my passion to know how the mechanical world works, and my love of travel.

Work ethic I belive is something that is enstilled in you from your child hood, my work ethic came from my father. I have always been employed whether it be working for a grocery stores or working various odd jobs recently. I have enlisted in the Coast Guard for the last two years being enlisted I have: advanced twice, I have taken college classes,I have received a letter of appreciation, I have become the sailor of the quarter,attended machinery technician school where I have placed in the top of the class, I feel this presents a strong work ethic. Although, on the other hand my claim of having a good work ethic is not substantiated. By my first attempt at college that was not completely successful the reason for this is that I failed to apply my self to my studies I was studying something I had lost the passion for, while attending college I also failed to fully understand the rammifications of not fulfilling my duties to the college. Being a dilligent student and continuing to apply my self even though I did not like what I was studying. My time in the Coast Guard has given me the time to mature to understand, that hard work pays off no matter how unpleasant or arduous the assignment may be. I have worked hard to be a productive and successful member to the Coast Guard. I would also like to be able apply this same work ethic to my mechanical engineering degree at UCONN.

I have a desire to know more...

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