Who Am I

Who Am I

Whom To Talk To When You Are Brokenhearted
You should move on, Past is Past. These are the words my friends and close relatives always say when I share to them my problem.To speak the words, is very easy but difficult to make a move. In whatever way you try to explain your side, they will never understand you unless they experienced the same thing. That is why most of the time we carry the burdens by ourselves. We distance ourselves from our loved ones and keep silence which may lead to a fetal decision.

I am happily married now with two lovely kids yet I am still struggling to get over with my feelings towards my Ex-boyfriend. It's been 6 years since we broke up but until now, every minute I still remember his face. I still remember the happy and sad moments we have shared. It's hard to forget because I still hear news about him. I see his photos and status update of him and his present girlfriend. The worst part is that I see him face to face in every family occasion.

I could sense that my ex-boyfriend turned brother-in-law has totally moved on. It makes me wonder how he was able to moved on from our break up. I wish I could be like him and I was thinking that I wish I could buy in a grocery store an amnesia kit for a brokenhearted person which deleted the part of the memory about your past relationship that caused you so much pain. Unfortunately, it has not invented yet. And it's impossible to create such kit. Silly idea right?

Time can heal the pain. But only time can tell when will it happen. However, we must not give up. We must find other ways that can help us to have peace of mind. Whenever I feel depressed I visit Google hoping I could find a website that offers free online consultation from a psychologist or psychiatrist. I have found some websites which really suits my needs but those are not for free. They only offer free trial for limited time. Until I found in my Facebook news feed about 700 Club Asia's help desk via online. Since then,...

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