Who Was Napoleon Bonaparte?

Who Was Napoleon Bonaparte?

Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte was born on August. 15, 1769. Bonaparte was birthed by father Carlo Bonaparte and mother Letizia Ramolino. At the age of 10 Napoleon entered the military academy at Brienne, France. His first few months there were a nightmare with the other children teasing him for his strange name, his foreign accent and his small size. Napoleon coped by concentrating on his studies. In 1784 he won a place at the prestigious Ecole Militaire in Paris. A year later he graduated and was commissioned a second lieutenant of artillery. He was garrisoned at Valence. He spent the next six years as a struggling soldier in an isolated outpost. He was a general during the French Revolution, the ruler of France as First Consul (premier Consul) of the French Republic. He was born in Corsica and trained in mainland France as an artillery officer; he first rose to prominence as a general of the French Revolution.

Napoleon was said to be married twice. Joséphine de Beauharnais his first wife; March 9, 1796. She and he were said to have numerous affairs. His second wife Marie Louise; March 11, 1810. Days after his marriage, Bonaparte took command of the French “Army of Italy” on March 27, 1796, leading it on a successful invasion of Italy. At the Lodi, he gained the nickname of “Little Corporal”.

Bonaparte had one legitimate child, Napoleon II. He had 9 brothers and sisters. 7 which were kings, queens, duchess, princes, and princesses. There were other illegitimate children that he adopted but their names were not recorded.

Napoleon’s biggest influence in the military sphere was in the conduct of warfare. Weapons and technology remained largely static through the revolutionary and Napoleonic eras. The Napoleonic Code was adopted throughout much of Europe and remained in force after Napoleon’s defeat. Living at the end of the enlightenment, napoleon also became notorious for his effort to suppress the slave revolt in Haiti...

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