Wholefood-Year 2000

Wholefood-Year 2000

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2. The year 2000 marked the official start when conventional supermarkets began selling organic food. Designated the first “Certified Organic” grocer by Quality Assurance International in 2003, Whole Foods had already led the way in setting the standards in the organic food retailing industry, especially with inventory and store environment. Several conventional stores such as Safeway and Kroger began stocking their butcher counters with organic meat products. Consumer demand grew 7-9% annually. Whole Foods tried hard to maintain their own inventory of organic meat. Since competitors are easily to do the similar strategies as well. What Whole Food did is to display in pleasant lighting, in a background of natural materials and colors on the foods areas. In that way, it can keep those customers who might leave to get a few items at the stores.

3. John Mackey has a good strategic vision. Ongoing business expansion is a strategy that most business owners are willing to plan. While Whole Foods continues to grow rapid, the company’s core values are upheld. There seems to be a healthy balance in ensuring employed morale. Whole Foods motto not only has content, but it is also catchy and memorable. It actually stands behind their motto by obtaining the highest quality foods possible. It represents Whole Foods’ “Whole Foods” and “Whole People” strategies. It has a strict hiring policy for employing qualified individuals and socially and globally responsible through partnering with organic suppliers and not-for-profit organizations.

4. Whole Foods Market’s core values really matters. These are not values that change from time to time, situation to situation or person to person, but rather they are the underpinning of the company culture. They took their core value the soul of the company. The core values include selling the highest quality natural and organic products available, satisfying and delighting customers, team member happiness and excellence,...

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