why am i doing this

why am i doing this

We, in the military or associated with the military (i.e. cadet programs), call it “military bearing,” but the truth is, everyone needs a measure of what is more commonly called, “discipline.” The word, “military,” is put at the front because we stand at Attention or other positions without moving.

Everyone needs discipline: to go to sleep at a good hour, get up with the alarm clock, get to class/job on time, perform the work expected, etc. The list goes on and on. All of these seemingly insignificant tasks are part of having discipline.

Bearing/Self Discipline
Webster defines it as the manner in which one bears or comports oneself (as in something difficult to do or deal with). We can define this as self discipline. What is military bearing/self discipline?

Military bearing has two parts
When we speak of “military bearing” we think of it as a whole: being able to put up with a certain task. In this instance, let’s say that task is standing at Attention, Parade Rest, Attention, saluting, back to Parade Rest and then back to Attention for a ceremony that lasts an hour-and-a-half. What do we need beforehand to accomplish this task? Mental and physical discipline
Physical Bearing/Discipline
We can recognize this right away: the ability to appear to stand perfectly still for a given length of time. I put “appearance” in there, because you can actually move muscles throughout your body to keep the blood flowing and still seem to remain completely still.

Physical training, drill and ceremonies training and much practice will help us attain the necessary physical requirements for our previously stated task. It’s true:

That which does not kill you
Makes you stronger

Mental Bearing/Discipline
This is not as easily recognized but plays as much a part, if not more. Compared to training your mind, physical training might be the “easier” part of military bearing/self discipline. You have to train your mind to focus and react when you need to react....

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