why america rules

why america rules

This takes place right after Shepard enters the beam. To keep in true with the Mass Effect experience this is based off the Shepard I used here what you need to know, John Shepard

Earth born a war hero, just a normal soldier romanced tali, this is after the ending of mass effect 3 the reapers destroy but the starchild had lied and the Geth and EDI are still alive I hope you enjoy and please review and any advice you have I would appreciate it. also rated M for sexual content, language

As the Crucible fires it sends a wave of red across the galaxies. The Reapers begin to explode the war is final over and an era of peace can now begin The Mass Relays have been deactivated but the Salarians are working to get them up and running again most of the Citadel has been destroyed but it can still support life but it remains close to Earth for now . the Normandy flies back to Earth with crew. Joker sits at the controls a sad expression across his face he presses the button to the intercom “We are about to dock with the…” before he can finish EDI cuts him off “Jeff I am getting a distress beacon from Earth.” Joker looks at her. “Where from?” Joker changes his course for Earth “Tali, Garrus get up now!” They both run to the flight deck “What is it Joker?” Tali asked “EDI picked up a distress call from London, I think Shepard is alive.” Tali walks away “Get in close and have the shuttle ready and let Doctor Chakwas know to be on there.” Jokers smiles “right away

Cold and pain its hard to breath but Shepard inhales awakening just long enough to activate his distress beacon then slips back into the darkness he is alive but barely his thoughts turns to loved ones. Tali, Garrus, Joker and his entire team his family. “I will see them again!” he thinks the wind starts to pick up then a familiar sound as a shuttle passes over him and lands the doors open then a voice “Shepard!” “I know that voice” a bright light shines in his eyes this it thinking death has come for him...

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