Why an Mba Management Talent

Why an Mba Management Talent

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management talent

an MBA will further my personal and career goals

i believe my experience, qualifications, and goals show a strong possibility for my success in business school
My founding of propertiesng.com has been a great way to validate my skills and jump start my career.

i have been able to learn a lot about different job roles.

i feel fulfilled because i took a bold step and at the age of 20,i started my own company

i have realised and learnt from starting my company that there is a lot to learn, as my goal is to build a milti billion naira company, by so doing this, i need more general business knowlege, leadership skills and ways to think strategically and hone my analytical skills.

i have learnt a lot while starting my business, but i've learnt mostly from my failures. i have learnt that to try and to fail, is better than not trying at all.

why do i want to do an mba?

I have made a rational and informed decision about my career and really cant be anybody other than an entrepreneur.

the MBA programme will provide me with the necessary inputs to help me run my business enterprise better

i believe getting an mba will give me the knowlege, skills, networking opportunities to meet great partners, investors

an mba will help me learn what works in business, what to do and what not to do

boosting my career profile, so prospective investors can invest in me and my ideas.

my aspiration is to run a large company and this requires a better understanding of business strategy, finances and marketing which i know i can learn in business school

i believe getting an MBA degree can provide me with a solid foundation as i embark on my entrepreneurial ventures

i started a business and one year on, i realized that i need some knowledge about managing and developing my business to proceed further.

i need to polish and refine my leadership and management ability and to keep thinking innovatively. when i gain these knnowledge...

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