Why Are You so Busy with the Internet?

Why Are You so Busy with the Internet?

Why are you so busy with the internet?

Hardly does a day goes by without seeing people spending all their time on surfing the internet. Whatever you are working, playing or doing homework, the internet has become an indispensable part of our dailies life. However, the question is, why do people stay overnight to surf on the internet? When you ask people this question, their answers simply were chating with friends and playing online-game.Let us see how attractive they are.

Nowadays, there are so many communication tools in the internet, such as Facebook, MSN, Twitter and you name it. And the fact is, people are addited to those applications and cannot get away with them.You can find that those new released cell phones are emphasize on the function of cheaking friend’s statuses immediately. So can you see the power of those communication applicatons.They also feel that if you are the first one to reply you will defined as ‘in’ person. That’s why People are mad to cheak and reply their friends’s statuese. And when you got a camera, you can chat with your friend face by face.How convenient it is!

On top of that, another reason why people stay overnight to surf on the internet is play online games.Not only the traditional online games, but also those applications on facebook. You must heard happy farm, pet society and so on.And the interesting thing of those applications is that you need to harvest your food on time otherwise your crops will be faded.
And this is the reason why people play the game in the midnight. For the traditional online games, the reason is you need to level-up so as to get more weapons in the games. So you must keep playing until you have reached your goals.That’s why people needed to play overnight.

To sum up, the culprits of people spending their whole night to surf the internet are those attractive applications and communication tools.But honestly, this is by no means a good habit for health.And their reasons are just for fun.We...

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