Why Can't Europe Be Like America?

Why Can't Europe Be Like America?

Dear John,

America is amazing! The freedom is unbelievable! Why cant Europe be like this! The reason that I left Europe was because in the US, one had the possibility of owning land (from the Homestead Act), which in Europe is not much of a possibility for those outside of the rich or noble classes. Poverty in Europe and the promise of opportunity in America was also another reason. The over-population also contributed. Besides in the US there was also the chance to know religious and political freedom like no where else. I got a job working in the cotton fields, and it’s not half bad money!
I live in a simple one story house, with one bathroom and 2 little kids now. The boy is Joey, and the girl is, Kate. The people inside of Philadelphia are extremely friendly and it seems that help is always needed.
On the way to America, we encountered several problems. Crossing the ocean was one heck of a task. Joey, our first born, was born during that 12 day journey. We could not afford a private charter boat, so we took a crowded boat, packed with steamy and sweaty bodies. After all, it was definitely worth out time and money. If you could come to America, I would definitely suggest it. It would most likely be worth your time.

Hope to see you soon,


Answer: I chose the steel plow. The inventor of the steel plow was John Deere. John had to make his plows out of whatever metals he could get his hands on. 10 years after he created his first steel plow he was selling over 1,000 plows each year. The reason he invented the steel plow was so farmers would not have to do all of the work by hand. This was one of the most popular inventions in the west.

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