Why Christmas Is Special to Me

Why Christmas Is Special to Me

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A country I would like to visit and why


A solar system is a group of planets, moons, asteroids (small objects made of rock and metal) and comets (objects made of frozen ice and dust) that orbits around a sun. In our solar system there are: eight planets, their 166 moons, five dwarf (small) planets, asteroids, comets and many other objects that orbits around the sun. Up to 2006, there were nine planets in the solar system, but the International Astronomical Union (which is a group of professional astronomers from around the world) decided that Pluto should no longer be classed as a planet but as a dwarf planet so now there is only eight.
When you look at the sky on a clear night you can see that there are many stars in the solar system. The way the stars are spread across the sky and the difference in their brightness makes them fascinating to look at. Researching this topic will help me realize how beautiful God created the universe. In this project I am going to talk mainly about the nine planets (which include the dwarf planet Pluto) in the solar system.

The Sun
The sun is found at the centre of our solar system. It is a giant, spinning ball of very hot gas that light up the planets and provides heat.
The Planets
The planets that orbit the sun can be divided into two groups:
• Inner planets – are those planets that orbit close to the sun
• Outer planets – are those planet that orbits far from the sun

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