Why College Is Important

Why College Is Important

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Trent Cowling
September 18, 2008
Mrs. Hodges
Exemplification Essay
Audience: High School Students

Why College is Important.

Going to college is very important! It mainly helps people get a good job, and jobs are what get people through life. No one can go without a job and live happily. Finances are too much to handle without a job. Even some people that have become retirement age refuse to retire because they won’t be able to make it without having a steady income from a job. All of this leads to going to college. Without a college education, people probably won’t make good enough to live happy either! They will make money however, but possibly not enough!
There are positives and negatives about going to college, but more so gains than losses. College is expensive, but once graduated and people have a good or a great job with a degree, they realize all their hard work and expense paid off. With a college degree, people make way more than just a high school diploma, or GED. Most of the time around $30,000 more a year! College gets students ready for the real world, teaching responsibility and how the world works.
College is also far more different than high school. There are professors instead of normal teachers, freedom away from home, and probably parties beyond belief. Just because it seems fun at first, it probably will get old. Partying and freedom also leads to bad grades, and drop-outs. If it is caused, then a college degree and good paying jobs are no longer in the future! Don’t waste the time or money on alcohol, focus on school! It seriously will pay off in the end, and once making good money, people will be appreciative of what college prepared them for!
Also, going to college may not mean for a full four years. Some colleges offer degrees at two (associates), but most offer four year degrees (bachelors). There are also technical colleges for cosmetology and mechanical students to finish fast and get a job. Most...

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