Why Did World War 2 Start in 1939?

Why Did World War 2 Start in 1939?

Why did World War 2 start in 1939?

Historians have suggested many reasons for the outbreak of the Second World War, yet there is no single reason why the war broke out.

One reason why the war broke out in 1929 is that the Treaty of Versailles solved nothing. Because Germany suffered huge reparations from the First World War and the loss of land simply helped to justify Hitler and the aggression which he showed. The Treaty was unjust and unfair on Germany. They were also angry at CLAUSE 231, the paragraph which blamed the war solely on Germany. The Germans were also angry about the reductions in their army. They claimed that they would be vulnerable against other countries. The loss of land added to resentment of the allied Nazis. Then, Hitler made plans to invade the rest Czechoslovakia.
In March 1939 Hitler ordered his troops into the rest of Czechoslovakia. Hitler had only taken German speaking territories so many said he was taking what was rightfully his, but when he threatened to bomb Prague, many people realised that the only thing that would stop Hitler was a war. Chamberlain realised that his idea of appeasement had failed so then he started to rearm Britain and guarguarantee Poland help if Germany attacked.

After World War I ended, representatives of each of the countries met in Paris in 1919 to draw up peace treaties. These treaties were known as the Peace of Paris. They were worked out in haste by these countries with opposing goals; and failed to satisfy even the victors. Of all the countries Germany left the peace conference the most dissatisfied.

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