Why Do I Have to Study Psychology?

Why Do I Have to Study Psychology?

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“Why Do I Have To Study Psychology?”

Psychology is an extended field, with a variety of specialties. It is defined as the science of mental processes and behaviors (Zimbardo, Johnson, & Weber, 2008, p.2). I am studying psychology because of my desire to further my education in the healthcare field. Three subjects that interest me in psychology are: eating and sleeping disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, and stress reduction.
Sleeping Disorders
Insomnia is the most common sleep disorder that one-third of people complain of suffering from. It leaves people with the feeling of not getting enough rest. Symptoms of insomnia are not being able to fall asleep, awakening too early, or broken sleep. Stress and anxiety are also characterized with this disorder. Some recommended treatments for insomnia are avoiding caffeine products, setting a bedtime, or listening to soft music. Psychological treatment such as, cognitive behavioral therapy have had good results.
Sleep apnea is a respiratory condition in which a person stops breathing a number of times while sleeping. It is caused by the person’s airway becoming blocked when throat muscles relax. Symptoms of this disorder are loud snoring and frequent tiredness during the day. As breathing stops and the sleeper’s blood oxygen level plummets, the body’s emergency system kicks into gear, causing distress hormones to course through the body. In the process, the sleeper awakens briefly, begins breathing again, and then falls back to sleep. Because most of this happens in deep sleep, there is usually no memory of this episode (Zimbardo et al, 2008, p.108). People that suffer from sleep apnea use a nasal continuous positive airway pressure machine to keep their airways open while they are

asleep. Hypertension, heart failure, and stroke are some long term health issues that can occur if sleep apnea is not diagnosed and treated.
Narcolepsy is a sleep disorder in which a person falls asleep...

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