Why Education System Important

Why Education System Important

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IAU Lyon Conference, April 12-13, 2002
Internationalization of Higher Education
Closing plenary (2)

Internationalisation of Higher Education: The Role of University Organisations
Anton Prijatno
Rector, University of Surabaya - Indonesia
2nd Vice President, Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific

Dialogue on internationalisation of higher education has intensively taken place since 1990, which then followed by the efforts from various parties sharing common interests in the activities such as the government, universities and other educational institutions. Globalisation in multidimensional aspects of life also triggered every nation to make adjustments and be more adaptive to the what-so-called global standard.  Higher educational institutions also face this challenge in terms of their capability to produce graduates that meet global qualifications.

Every nation in its early years after obtaining independence normally has a strong spirit in formulating its educational system based on its national paradigms.  Some countries might share similarities in their systems, but that is usually due to some historic ties (for example Indonesia with the Netherlands, Singapore with England; both are tied through colonisation history).  Systems with strong national orientation, in particular for countries that just obtained their independence, are very natural, considering they are expected to be built based on local culture.  Education is simply a strategic means to accomplish that purpose.  However, political changes and development all over the world have proven to be very dynamic and in turn will force many countries to be more open and cooperative.
The rapid global era at the dawn of the 20th century will progress even faster in the 21st century.  It has coloured old paradigms on nationalisation with humanism and democracy.  On the other hand, developed countries are also demanded to share their advantages and are expected to be more...

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