Why Fox Hunting Should Be Banned Speech

Why Fox Hunting Should Be Banned Speech

Fox Hunting

Fox hunting, as you probably already know is considered a `sport' amongst some people. Fox hunting is barbaric and disgusting and how it is labelled a sport one will never know. Like the illegal activities of past times such as dog fighting and bear baiting, the only purpose of foxhunting is to provide entertainment to a small minority of small minded people and is very ineffective as form of controlling fox numbers and provides no benefit to the environment.

The Fox hunting season usually begins in November and ends in April. In this season more than a total of 16,000 foxes are killed throughout the UK but compared to this around 200,000 foxes each year, are killed by vehicles. So ask yourselves what is the need of these Fox Hunts? Nature controls foxes in its own ways. Female foxes have fewer cubs when food is limited. Hunters also claim that they hardly ever catch foxes and in many cases foxes escape unharmed but imagine how you would feel if you are being chased by more that 40 dogs gnashing at your heels knowing that if you falter you will be ripped to pieces? Surely this would affect you somehow?

At the moment fox hunting is banned in Scotland and talks mare being held to ban it in Ireland. However there is very little being done, here in the UK to put a stop to it. That is why we must put our foot down and say no, hunting is not justified. It is no longer ok to do something because it is tradition. Would you still allow child labour just because it used to be a tradition? If so, than most of us would not be here, in this classroom right now. We would be scrubbing floors or sweeping the chimneys.

Where has the idea of foxes being vermin evolved from? Vermin is the term foisted on us so that Fox Hunters can justify these evil acts of cruelty. The truth is that foxes can prove to be very useful to farmers by keeping down the number of rats, voles and rabbits. For example one rabbit eats 6 of crops...

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