Why Goldilocks Is a Criminal

Why Goldilocks Is a Criminal

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Goldilocks: The True Criminal behind Her Golden Locks

Fairytale characters are meant to present themselves well and set a good example for young readers. In the story “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”, Goldilocks, the protagonist, fails at setting a good example and acts like a criminal. First off, she trespasses on private property. Secondly, her actions promote destruction of others’ property. Finally, Goldilocks’ behavior proves that she is a criminal by illegally leaving the scene of her crime. Goldilocks presents herself as a criminal based on her actions throughout the story.

Goldilocks proves she is a criminal by the way she acts in the story of the Three Bears. One of Goldilocks’ many criminal acts was trespassing on private property. “She knocked on the door, and when no one answered, she walked right in”. Trespassing is a legal concept, which refers to intrusion into another person’s property. Goldilocks does not think about her actions and about how they affect herself and others. Goldilocks violates private property, thus proving herself a criminal.

Goldilocks’ actions while inside the home of the three bears show that she is a criminal. While Goldilocks was inside the home roaming, she came upon a chair and broke it. “Someone’s been sitting in [baby bear’s] chair and they’ve broken it all to pieces”. Property damage is damage to or the destruction of public or private property, caused illegally by a person who is not its owner. Goldilocks does not respect personal property by breaking others’ belongings. In addition to property damage, she also steals from the home. During her visit, Goldilocks finds some food on the counter and decided to eat it. “Someone’s been eating [baby bear’s] porridge and they ate it all up!” Stealing is a criminal act and Goldilocks, being a criminal, stole food from the home of the three bears. Goldilocks proves that she is a criminal by her actions in the home of the three bears.

Finally Goldilocks proves...

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