Why Select Our Vertical Compound Crusher Quickly?

Why Select Our Vertical Compound Crusher Quickly?

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Vertical compound crusher is finely advanced equipment at home and abroad in the absorption, on the basis of the optimization design of a screen, adjustable and finely equipment, can be widely used in mineral processing equipment of one of the main equipment.Vertical compound crusherAround the material produce high speed impact and crushing, material after crash into each other, and between impeller and casing to form vortex repeatedly hit each other, friction material and crushing, from the bottom to discharge, forming closed-circuit circulation many times, controlled by the screening equipment to achieve the required finished product granularity.

Main application of conpound cone crusher: compound breakage (composite broken) machine series is suitable for building materials, mining, metallurgy, chemical industry and broken limestone, clinker, coal and other minerals, its compressive strength does not exceed 140 million mpa humidity is not more than 15%.Characteristics: (1) simple and reasonable structure, low running cost.By using the theory of stone hit stone, wear small.(2) the high broken rate, energy saving. (3) with finely, coarse grinding function. (4) affected by the material moisture content is small, water cut of up to 8%.(5) the noise below 75 decibels (db) more work, less dust pollution.(6) is suitable for crushing medium hard, hard materials.(7) into the cube, bulk density is big, small iron contamination.(8) impeller from liner wear is small, easy maintenance.

Operating procedures of combination crusher: 1. The machine in normal working, if found to have abnormal phenomenon, should immediately stop and check, troubleshooting and then continue production. 2. Crusher should no-load boot, determine the crusher run properly again after feeding; 3. Should pay attention to the body the body before starting the storehouse door is closed, lubricating oil is normal, screw loosening, open the doors to let the machine stop; 4. The feed to strictly abide...

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