Why The VSI Series Crusher Is So Popular?

Why The VSI Series Crusher Is So Popular?

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Description: VSI crusher is short for vertical shaft impact crusher. The VSI series of high efficiency

vertical shaft impact crusher developed by SBM has been gained widespread concern in the industry and

widely recognized since the advent. Why it can gain so much honor, we come to understand through the

following interview.
Journalist: As far as I know, your company VSI series of high efficiency vertical shaft impact crusher

machine has been widely recognized by the industry, Compared with other Sand, what is its primary

Engineers: Vertical shaft impact crusher of our company has been achieve such high praise, first is that

it handles large, uniform size, grain shape of finished good. Its production capacity could reach 520 tons

per hour, compared with the traditional equipment under the same power output increased by 30%. And

it's grain type Fortunately, a cube-shaped, with the management, adjustable fineness modulus.
Journalist: I also learned that it has a unique crushing chamber design, and equipped with a German

original oil lubrication station, what good is it of the design and configuration?
Engineers: Our point of view this crushing chamber design, enabling the friction material and wear parts

is reduced, thereby reducing the cost of sand making machine; With the German original oil lubrication

station, can solve the heat problem bearings, spindle bearings to maintain constant temperature, extend

maintenance intervals and service life.
Journalist: So it is. Is there any other advantages?
Engineers: One is easy operation, easy maintenance, the other one is technologically advanced, green.

Let me talk about the first one, the light weight of our equipment, diverse installation, operation is very

simple. Hydraulic lid device, easy maintenance, saving maintenance time. Another advantage is that

because the core components are used is an internationally renowned brand,...

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