Why to Pursue an Mba?

Why to Pursue an Mba?

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Decision to pursue an MBA
Sherry Gupta
University Of Phoenix

Why Pursue an MBA?
Why pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA)? I had been asking this very question myself for some time before joining here. There were several factors that I had to consider such as my children, my family, time management, classroom versus online, the institution to attend. However, the question that repeatedly came to mind was ‘is an MBA necessary to achieve my personal goals and to further my career?’ The answer to this question was always yes. An MBA is an opportunity to improve personally, to develop ones management and technical skills, to increase career options and to gain desired credentials to get a good job. I decided to pursue MBA to achieve my personal and professional goals.

Reasons to Pursue an MBA

Personal goals:

Not only is this MBA for myself, but also for my family which is my first priority. Obtaining my MBA will allow me to be a good example for my children. Having both their parents finished Master’s degree in professional fields (my husband has done Masters in Computer Science) will help them understand the value and importance of higher education. Getting my MBA will also help me gain the confidence in terms of getting my ideas across successfully and effectively. Higher education is a gift that I intend to take full advantage of.
Professional goals:

There are several reasons that I believe pursuing my MBA will help me to reach my short term and long-term goals. In the short term, I would like to further my career at my current job and field of employment. I am working in interior designing furniture store as I have passion about designing. I took this job to enhance my designing skills as well as get experience in sales and marketing. By acquiring my MBA I will be able to demonstrate that I have the ability to manage and oversee the work of others. This will help me advance my...

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