Why Truth Matters?

Why Truth Matters?

10/10/2011 Matthew A Clive
Why Truth Matters

One of Jesus Christ's most important claims pertaining to his divinity, his redemption, his truth and his exclusiveness of salvation is his statement, "I AM the way, the truth and the life. No man can come to the Father but by me". The implications concerning this statement can be painful to bear or reason for celebration depending on who is receiving the message.

During the preaching years of Jesus, part of the multitude who followed him were Sadducee's and the Pharisee's who were angered and denied his claims. Yet there were others who revelled and took joy in his marvellous assertions. Why did the Jewish authorities retaliate to the simple yet profound proclamations of Jesus? In plain English; Jesus upset the status quo. Jesus' direct critique of their religiosity could be tied in with certain passages of scripture. Most notably in 2nd Timothy 3:5 saying, " having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power". Adherence to the Words of Jesus meant a renunciation and reconfiguration of the Jewish religious authorities way of life. What Jesus did to the religious authorities is exactly what the truth (which is personified in Jesus) does to society 2000 years later!

Truth changes our worldview or can stand in opposition to it. The upside to truth is that it stands in direct opposition to everything that it is opposite of it and if the truth is good than consequently it opposes what is bad. The Truth has the power to both destroy (that which is false) and to build (upon more truth). Because of the power of truth as an objective concept that can be identified; many have dedicated their lives to its destruction, criticism, falsification or outright denial. These attacks presuppose that their is a truth that can actually be identified and measured which identifies another problem.

One of the other many problems with society is an apathetic and lazy attitude towards the truths attainment....

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