Why United States Why Brazil

Why United States Why Brazil

Why United States, why Brazil?

Different from governments, common people, in most of the countries, perceive the leadership of the United States has in the military, sciences, commerce, financial, commercial, cultural fields, among others, even if they agree or not according to their ideologies. So, people of the world wait from the American people an initiative in terms of preservation, environment and climate changes.

In reading Dr. Gergen's article in the U.S. News & World Report in relation to the current leadership deficit within the U.S., I believe specifically that in relation to the topic of Climate Change that the above observation are even more evident. For me, as a concerned citizen of Brazil, dweller of the Amazon Rainforest and an individual of the global community, I believe that a greater public commitment to combating Climate Change is better than a political one, above political attitudes and proposals of the governments.

Generally governments manipulate more than rule the countries. So, let the governments to rule these topics only is also a temerity, because we are talking about a personal behavior of people and attitudes of citizens in front of environmental problems that affects the humanity as a whole.

My hope is that if we the people take an attitude and provide a vehicle for change by establishing a model for international collaboration, we will help not only help Brazil but also the global community in removing those impediments or barriers that currently exists as points of contention, so we can have a more human society and a better world in harmony.

The Amazon Reforestation Project Inc., will lead by example showing how the U.S. and Brazil can work together to make a difference by protecting over 900,000 hectares of land in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest. This collaborative will be a beacon of hope for not only Brazil but the World.

Dr. Francisco Ritta Bernardino
Amazon Reforestation Project, Inc.

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