Why Volunteering Is Vital

Why Volunteering Is Vital

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Volunteering Is Vital
I understand that everyone is tired of hearing about Bingo, and how it is the single most important way that students and parents alike can help the band and themselves. But, how about volunteering in general? In an organization such as ours, the burden of running a successful band program can not and I must stress should not be left to a few families and a select few student leaders.

I would like to put forth that our band, my band is like a tree. The roots of the tree are our parents. They have nurtured our talents, and allowed us to grow and mature. We are the branches. Each section is a different branch. The tree can not grow without all of its branches, and no branch is more important than another.

What makes our tree grow is the volunteers love for our band. The time and gifts that they donate make our band stronger. However, it is time for more people to step up, and help out!

It is so very hard for me to believe that there are still people that may have not paid their band fees! Did you not get your band handbook? If there are financial issues, there are many ways you can help yourself! Hey, do you know about bingo! What about all the other ways that you could be helping your self and YOUR band? Did you know that there are some high schools in the area that have fees over $300.00? Do you know why Tallwood has band fees so low? The reason you do not know is that you have not been paying attention in class, and listening to the opportunities, such as bingo that are available to assist you in lowering and some cases eliminating your band fees.

Bingo is vital to the success to our band. It provides instruments, music, instructors, and in some cases it provides opportunities that would not be available to us if we did not have the extra money bingo brings in. There are quite a few of us that play instruments that bingo has provided. The quality of music that we enjoy playing is due to funds that bingo...

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