why we need school uniforms

why we need school uniforms

We need school uniforms for many reasons. They help reduce bullying. Many students are bullied for their clothing , sometimes becuase people just dont like what they wear, but usually it is because it is not designer clothing or brand name. Not all families can afford expensive clothing. School uniforms mask this. School uniforms mask the income differences in families so children can't be ridiculed for how much money their family makes.

School uniforms improve punctuality. A lot of kids are late because they couldn't decide what to wear that day school unifroms eliminate this. This makes easier morning for everyone.

School uniforms increase safety. If their is an intruder in the school who is either hurting people or trying too, it will be easier to identify them becuase everyone else will look the same. This can decrease the amount of people getting hurt.

School uniforms cam save money. Families wouldnt have to spend so muxh miney on back to school outfits especially if they are buying designer or brand name clothes. This especially helps middle class families.

School uniforms improve focus. Students won't be able to dress promiscously and distract other students.. they also will not be focusing on what they are going to wear to school and can just focus on school.

As you can see there is lots of benefits to wearing school uniforms, mich more than the so called cons. The biggest argument against school uniforms is that they take away students right to express themselves. This is just not true.

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