Why You Should Not Smoke

Why You Should Not Smoke

Have you ever got stuck inside a public utility vehicle with a smoker? Did you feel suffocated? Cough-y? Sick? Or irritated? Chances are, you did. You may have also felt like you’re on the brink of getting lung cancer. I know I had.

Indeed, secondhand smoke (or passive smoke) is irritating. All those smoke you see, feel, smell, and even taste can be very frustrating. Obviously, I do not smoke. I hate the sight, feeling, odor, and the bitterness it brings to my body.

I have decided not to smoke until the end of my life. I never had, and never will. But the number of smokers keeps growing, and the fact that smoking is ever-popular makes me ask myself: “Will my classmates try it?” or “Have they? Did they enjoy it?” Those questions drove me to make this speech: Why You Should Not Smoke.

First, you should not smoke because it is harmful to the health of your neighbors. If you don’t care about your body, or your health, then just consider the people around you who inhale what you puff out. They might get lung cancer and breast cancer without even knowing it. Yes, breast cancer. You heard me right. In 1996, the American Journal of Epidemiology published an article that links high risks of breast cancer to women exposed to secondhand smoke at least an hour and a half each day. Aside from that, the journal also included having an early first period and late first pregnancy to girls exposed to passive smoke.

There are a lot of health risks you might cause to others as you smoke. Children and adults as well could get ear infections, asthma, and pneumonia. Imagine a child living in the same house as yours getting any of the complications I mentioned earlier. Shouldn’t you feel guilty? You should, because if you don’t, then shame on you.

Second, you should not smoke because it endangers your health. You could get the diseases I just said, and you have greater risks in acquiring them than passive smokers.

Third, smoking is not cool. If you think smoking is...

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