Why I Decided to Pursue a Mba?

Why I Decided to Pursue a Mba?




December 21, 2008

A Master’s Degree In Business Administration:
Why I chose to pursue an MBA degree?


Since the graduation of my undergraduate studies and the emergence of the online MBA programs, I have struggled with the thought of the importance of, pursuing an MBA degree. But like many others, the thoughts of the opportunity cost of pursuing an MBA, and making the right choices on accreditation and universal respect of an online MBA degree versus going to the traditional brick and mortar Universities. When distilled to its vital essence, its vibrant core, the MBA’s true worth lies in three areas: educational value, relationship development, and access to opportunity (Abdullah 2006). In this paper, I will be using these three areas as sub headings to discuss the motivating factors of pursuing an MBA degree, online.

Educational Value:

First we will discuss the educational value, of obtaining an MBA. The MBA program and business schools give you valuable knowledge about business and all its related aspects. You learn about business strategies and concepts, not just on paper, but the training and internship required in an MBA course, teaches you how to use these skills in practical life and in day to day business operations (Cameer 2006). In addition to an enormous array of opportunities for the delivery of educational material (McCorkle and Alexander 998), the Internet and the Web have supported new forms of education which, as their development has progressed, have significantly increased in status and educational value (Clark 2001). Due to recent advances in communication technology, former “correspondence courses” have grown into the variety of courses and seminars that can be accessed through the Internet. In particular, Internet-supported graduate management education is the focus of this paper, since students who are likely to obtain their education in this manner...

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