Why I Want to Become a Nurse

Why I Want to Become a Nurse

Jeanette Martinez
Jeanene Holliday, M.Ed.

Women must learn to take care of themselves first

Why do we keep filling everyone’s lamp and letting ours stop burning. As women we have been as women we been somewhat programmed that we are the caregivers and are supposed to take care of everyone and everything from raising our children, making our husband feel like they are the kings and our parents and siblings that we are at their disposal. We try to be everything to everyone and care for everyone’s feelings before our own.
At times we feel tired, underappreciated, over worked and over burdened. We feel resentful of all the attention that is demanded of us but, yet we get so little back.

We have let our circumstances rule our lives, but yet we have created our world. What we must learn is that we must first take care of ourselves. We must take time to rejuvenate ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually. How can we expect more from others if we don’t take the time to take care of ourselves?
We must take the first steps to happiness by eating right, getting enough sleep, taking time to play and invest in supportive relationships. We don’t do things that we know that are good for us because we are always taking care of others and therefore we neglect ourselves. The problem is we don’t prioritize our lives.
We run around taking care of others, but yet forget to fill our own first. Then we wonder why we are often exhausted, stressed out, anxious or depressed, taking care of yourself is crucial for you to be able to take care of others.

Why do we keep filling everyones

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