Why I Want to Finish School

Why I Want to Finish School

Going back to school for my GED is a very high priority, as it would open a number of
new doors for me. It would allow me to go to college, and become financialy independant. I
could be a better rolemodel for my daughter and reach my full potential.

If I graduated from college, I would have a better chance at getting a well-paying job.
This is important to me because I want to be able to provide for my daughter, without having
to depend on anyone else. I want to be able to give her everything I never had, and I feel
that if she grew up in a financialy stable home she would develop a very high self-esteem.

I want to be a good rolemodel for my daughter, and teach her that its important to
strive to succeed in life. Everytime she has doubt in herself, i can use myself as an example to
remind her that if she believes in herself and does her best, she will overcome any
obstacles in her path. I want her to learn that everything worth having is worth working for.

I know i'm a very intelligent person, and can achieve many things as long as I set my
mind to them. Unfortunetly, I did not take highschool seriously and never bothered to show
up. I would like to just get this part of my education over with, so that I can become the
person I was meant to be. A person that I can be proud of.

Continuing my education will improve my quality of life immensly. I could go to
college and become self-sufficient. My daughter would be able to look up to me and I could
become a better version of myself.

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