Why I Want to Go to College

Why I Want to Go to College

How to Spot Bad SEO Services
10 Signs that Your SEO Firm Isn’t Worth the Money


⏐ How to Spot Bad SEO Services

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Sign #1. Making Promises that are Too Good to be True Sign #2. Using “Black Hat” SEO Techniques Sign #3. Targeting the Wrong Keywords Sign #4. Employing Shoddy Linking Schemes Sign #5. Promising to List Your Site in Hundreds of Online Directories Sign #6. Redesigning Your Site or Creating New Pages Without 301 Redirects Sign #7. Focusing on Metadata Instead of On-Page SEO Sign #8. Creating Bad Content Sign #9. Driving Irrelevant Traffic Sign #10. Offering a One-Time Fixes with No Ongoing Maintenance


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⏐ How to Spot Bad SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization is routinely cited by marketers as one of the most effective tactics for generating leads or sales from your website. But while most marketers understand the importance of SEO, many see the process as a highly technical, almost mysterious discipline that’s best left in the hands of experts. It’s no surprise, then, that many time-strapped small- and medium-sized business marketers look to outsource their SEO to trained professionals. A simple Google search for SEO firms will turn up thousands of vendors, offering “incredible” or “fast” results for attractively low monthly fees or even a simple one-time purchase. Be careful, though: Many of these “professionals” and SEO experts are counting on clients’ SEO ignorance to get quick cash without delivering long-term, sustainable SEO improvements. Even worse, some of the practices used by SEO firms can actually hurt your business in the long run. How can you tell if you’re being sold SEO snake oil? Here are ten signs your SEO firm might not be worth the money you’re paying them. Take a look at these dubious practices and evaluate your current vendor’s approach. Or, keep this list on-hand as...

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