Wicked Review

Wicked Review

Jordan Powers
Dr. Moreau
That was a WICKED show

I would like to start off saying that “Wicked” was a phenomenal show. Absolutely mesmerizing. If you’ve seen the classic “The Wizard of Oz” then this musical is a must. It is filled with laughter, drama, love, and tears. Never have I ever been so absorbed into such a delightful show. You can’t afford front row tickets? No problem. Wicked is attractive from any angle. Even the cast was an eye pleaser. They acted as well as the looked! Not a flaw was brought to my attention.

Can’t find a babysitter? Problem solved! Bring the kids! This marvelous display is kid friendly. You’re bundle of joy will be on the edge of their seats with interest. Wicked is a giant pacifier for the young. The humor in this musical is appropriate and comedically entertaining.This is a great treat for any family.

The acting was spectacular, not a single mess up. If there was a mistake I couldn’t tell. The characters in this phenomenon were very distinct and realistic. The relationships created in this production were believable. I had feelings for each character as if the play was real. The costumes were very colorful and defined.

My goodness can that cast sing. Not a sour note could be heard. The harmony was an ear pleaser. I loved it! I actually bought the soundtrack on iTunes. The songs describe the feeling that a person can not just say. What was also really nice was the diction. I can’t explain how many shows don’t articulate their words enough; this leaves the audience think of what the singer said.

Over all ‘Wicked’ is a marvelous production. I remember crying at the end because or the story and it was over. It was upsetting to know the show was finished. All i could do was stand up and clap my heart out. Wicked was truely a fascinating piece of art. Go by tickets now before they run out!

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