Wide Range of Polls

Wide Range of Polls

Wide Range of Polls

It’s easy to see why polls taken before elections could easily have a wide range of

discrepancies or not even be accurate to what is really happening. Polls taking in

advance of the event are not always consistent with how the people will actually vote.

There are so many different variables that go into the sampling process that you have to

know a lot more than just the results if you want an accurate reading. You have to know

when sampling was taken, where the sampling was taken, the state, the city, the

neighborhood, the districts, and what were the demographics of the samplings.

In today’s society of technology, the media, money, opinions, and politics it is

obvious that everything you see or hear on television may not be accurate. The different

television networks are almost always biased towards one of the individual candidates in

any given election. Not to say that they would lie about the numbers in the polls, but

maybe the numbers they are reporting are taken in sort of a controlled environment, such

as certain areas where they know the candidate is popular or only reporting numbers that

support their candidate. Whether you are a republican or democrat is very important

when taking these polls, when asked you may say that you will vote with your

political affiliation to be political correct, so to speak, but once you are in the booth alone

your decision will be between you and God.

The statistics that are provided during a sampling may not always be what you

think they are. You are getting a response, a specific measurement value that a sampling

unit provides.1 This means that you are getting the results of an almost controlled survey.

The question was asked and you selected your answer based on a number of answers that

were provided to you. You are making a choice that may not be your exact answer at all,

but it is the closest one to what...

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