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The smell of the corpse swarmed through the cold dark room. George Zwangles threw the metal axe aside, and it was covered in blood. The liquid dripped onto the railing. He pounced onto the brown leather sofa. Glancing over the couch he stared at the various photographs of a young man and a brunette who was lean and nearly had emaciated fingers. He thought to himself: ah. That’s my wife. No, actually, my ex-wife now.

For less than a second he felt hallucinated. A shiver went down his spine. Now being more alert, he hesitated, and then finally decided that he would go to the theatre, to relieve the pressure that mounted on him. Gathering his wallet and his keys, he strolled of towards the theatre.

As he walked along the narrow pathway, a sudden gust of wind blew his hat off. Surprised by this experience, he had a peculiar expression of his face. He picked his new black derby hat from the irregularly - spread tarmac road. Taking the event off his mind, he continued towards the theatre.

He was delighted when he got there to find that William Shakespeare’s Hamlet was on that night. Out of his wallet he picked out a five-pound note, and went forward to the counter.

After receiving the ticket, he sauntered excitedly into the auditorium. The place was already jam packed, with men, women and children chattering, laughing, and shouting. The whole noise of the place built up the typical atmosphere of a theatre.

The auditorium quieted down as the announcement of the commencement of the play. Immediately after the announcement, a man ran up the stage and cried: “Who’s there?

It was at this point when George saw the woman who sat next to him. She had long, gaunt fingers and she looked quite fit and healthy. She had curly long and brown hair and brown eyes, and was wearing a hat that had a little bright blue feather sticking out of it. However she looked very...

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