Wild Donkeys

Wild Donkeys

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Mary Hanna
Dr. Rodriguez
English 1A
October 2, 2015
Finding Common Ground Essay Outline
Wild Donkeys of Moreno Valley

Wild donkeys are a part of everyday life for residences of the Hidden Springs community and its neighboring areas. They have roamed these rural parts long before any of the houses, schools or stores here wear built. And although they are not indigenous, they have come to thrive and roam freely along with the rest of the wild life. But they are also at the center of an ongoing debacle among the residents in Hidden Springs. Many petitions have been submitted to the city to reduce speeds and add additional traffic lights and stop signs to the main road Pigeon Pass and some of the adjacent side streets to prevent motorists from collisions with the free roaming animals. Other resolutions have been submitted and suggested in community meetings to decrease or contain some of the nuisances the wild burros cause the residences and what can be done to keep them from pestering the locals and damaging the properties.

Many of the residences have taken up the fight to protect the Wild Burro from the threat of the human inhabitants. Organizations have been established for the rescue and aid the animals when they are injured or in need. Donkey Land is the most notable of these organizations, offering not only aid but a safe haven for the animals. Fundraisers and donation sites are established to raise funds for the medical costs of vaccinating, and treating the injured burros as well as to supply food, water barrels and to cover the costs of maintaining the facility. Volunteer programs. Petitions have been fought for and some even won to reduce speeds and add traffic lights and Stop signs on the main road. After several accidents invovlving moterits and the wandering burros. The Press Enterprises reported a few of these collisions. One of the most memorable ones was when they reported “Two bloodied male burros about two years old were later...

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