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Wildlife Preservation: We Should Do Our Part
Agnes Choi

Canada is known for it’s abundance in wildlife. Many of the pictures seen depicting Canada is of the wilderness: majestic mountains, lush forests, sunlit meadows teeming with wildlife. But what many don’t seem to understand is that the wilderness is not infinite. It will not regenerate at the drop of a hat and Canada’s wildlife will not last forever if we don’t act to keep them from being destroyed. Many wildlife species have become endangered and some even extinct due to direct human involvement. Yes, Canada does seem to have an overabundance of wildlife, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t one day disappear due to agricultural, industrial and urban developments. Wildlife is important to the present and future health of our world and we have moral obligations towards plants and animals themselves as members of the biotic community.[4] The balance of the world is dependent on wildlife as is our country.[4] Our economy is strengthened with the further existence of wildlife and many natives look upon it in reverence. We do not have the right to take away the plant’s and animal’s right to live alongside us as a part of the biotic community and we should work to preserve them.

The world cannot exist if it consisted only of industrial buildings and everything manmade, an “urban forest”. The world cannot survive and neither can we. Wildlife would be all but extinct. So what will help us clear the air when we continue to pollute it? What will help make a city cooler in the hot summer months with the sun bearing down upon us?[6] What will purify the water before running into the underground freshwater reservoirs? What will we eat when everything has become too polluted due to the chemicals we so easily put into our soil that just accumulates over time? Clearly wildlife has a large part in the continuation of Earth’s wellbeing. They are vital to many ecological and biological processes that are crucial...

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