William Cody

William Cody

Medal of Extra-ordinary Service Award

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am very pleased to be the Master of Ceremony in honoring William Frederick Cody. First I want congratulate Bill Cody for his hard work and achievements. Bill Cody nicknamed as Buffalo Bill is the most well known celebrity in this 20th century. I am honored to present this Medal of Extra-ordinary Service Award to Bill Cody.

Bill Cody started his career as an Indian fighter during the Utah war. During his time in the army he scalped an Indian warrior in the revenge for the death of his friend George Custer. Later he joined the Pony express as rider. He got his nickname Buffalo bill by supplying the railroad workers with Buffalo meat. He killed 4,280 Buffalos in eighteen months. His work helped the railroad work proceed smoothly and reduce the Indian attacks. His hard work helped the nation to build a safe travel to the Wild West.

Bill Cody and his family are against slavery. His father was stabbed for giving an anti-slavery speech. He was deeply affected by the tragic death of his beloved son. He joined the United Stated Army. He pushed for the rights of American Indians and women. Despite his history of killing many buffalos, he also supported the conservation by speaking against hide-hunting and pushing for hunting season.

Bill put together a traveling show titled Buffalo Bill’s Wild West. Buffalo Bill and his performers would re-enact the riding of the Pony Express, Indian attacks on wagon trains, and stagecoach robberies. The show made him famous not only in United States but all over the world.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please join me in presenting Bill Cody this highest honor award for his extra ordinary service to the United States of America.

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