William the Conqueror - Paper

William the Conqueror - Paper

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AUTHOR: Joseph Rudyard Kipling (December 30, 1865–January 18, 1936) was an English author and poet, born in Bombay, British India.

• TITLE: William the Conqueror.

MAIN THEME-SUBTHEMES: The main theme of the story is the relationship between three characters and how they are able to solve the problems in the life of India in this period, in where the real conflict that we can find is the hunger. So, these three people are going to help a great amount of people. The fist part of the text is about the cultural frame and the second one concentrates on the personal problems of the characters.
We can say that the text is rather colonialism.
PLOT: The story is about a famine in a southern Indian province. Two men in the Civil Service of a northern province, Scott and Martyn, are called down to join the relief effort. William, the younger sister of Martyn, insists on going with her brother, rather than being sent away to Simla to wait for her brother’s return. She ends up staying with the chief administrator of the relief effort and his wife, helping to care for orphaned and abandoned babies, while her brother’s friend goes on the road to deliver food supplies. They scarcely see each other for the next several months. The strongest mark of their growing attachment is her getting up at 3 A.M. during one of his visits to that he can teach her to milk goats. But at the same time they are involved together in long-sustained and brutally hard work.

• SETTING: The story takes place in India, where there is a famine crisis. We can also find two worlds: a public world, which represent how the life of the characters is in this place, and a private world, which involve the problems and the personal life of the characters.
There is a cultural reference: the life of British people and the life on Indian people and there is not possibility of mixture.

• MAIN CHARACTERS: There are three main characters: Martyn, Scott and William....

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