Wind Farms

Wind Farms

Wind Farms

I. Introduction

Wind farms and the harvesting of wind energy can be traced back to early 5000 BC. I will be discussing the state of Texas, where I currently reside and its use of wind farms through the region, and how this energy source can produce a cleaner energy source from both my community and others across the country. A single wind turbine can produce enough energy reserves and electrical output for a single community of homes with a cleaner energy source less costly than our current non renewable energy sources such as coal and gas.

II. Roles/Arguments:

While wind energy has always been available to us her on earth, wind farms where brought about to help with the increasing cost of fossil fuels. The fossil fuel “oil”, was one of the first forms of fuel that was widely used in the products of man. Oil which can be found from the Carboniferous period has become the mail source of energy that is used around the world. Countries such as Saudi Arabia have an abundant supply of this energy source that they sell to other nations in exchange for a return on the sustainability of the country.

The argument against using wind energy by some critics are the amount of energy that can be created by this natural resource and the potential for collecting more energy than needed to power any types of solar or wind generators.* Another argument that was brought up by some scientist is the cost of producing the equipment needed to sustain the discover of this energy source. Studies have shown that only one country that currently is using wind energy is able to produce only 10% of the harvested power from using wind energy.

One negative aspect of wind farms that some opponents have complained about is the aesthetics of the towers. Some people feel that wind farms have a terrible design to them and are an eye...

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