Windows 7 Guide

Windows 7 Guide

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The Ultimate Windows 7 Guide
Page 1: Index Page 2: Disclaimer Disable/Enable Section Page 3: Disable Windows 7 Hibernation Page 4: Disable Windows 7 Indexing Page 8: Enable DreamScene in Windows 7! Page 9: Enable Hidden Administrator Account Page 16: Enable/Disable hidden files in Windows 7 Media Player Section Page 5: Windows Media Player Security Component Upgrade Fix (DRM) Hardware Section Page 6-7: Two Windows 7 CPU Temperature Monitoring Solutions Speed Up Section Page 10: Speed Up Windows 7 Boot Page 11-12: Speed up Windows 7 Taskbar Thumbnail Preview Page 13: Speed Up Windows 7 Shutdown Time Page 15: Speed Up Application Access – Increase your productivity

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Disable Windows 7 Hibernation
In Vista and Windows 7 you will notice that your PC can sometimes go automatically into hibernation/sleep mode. The hibernation will save the current state of your computer in your RAM and shut down the PC to save energy. However, some people might want to turn it off. Some people even report that it is buggy, although I’m pretty sure than Microsoft fixed all issues. If you want to disable the Windows 7 Hibernation feature, simply enter “cmd” into the search field (Start->Search). Next, don’t simply click on cmd.exe. Instead hold STRG+Shift and click on cmd.exe. This will run the command console with administrator privileges. If you don’t the command line will simply output: “You do not have permission to enable or disable the Hibernate feature. The simple command to turn off the hibernation is: powercfg -h off If you would like to enable it again, enter:...

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