Windshield Survery and Community Statistics

Windshield Survery and Community Statistics

Physical Environment

● Boundaries
What defines the boundaries? Roads, water, railroads. Is the area known for a particular name? What area is this community located in?
Defining boundaries: gracefully rolling land with crests of grassy hills that stretch miles eastward on Crowley's Ridge. surrounded mostly by open pastureland with groves of trees. scattered ponds observed throughout.Area known as Sage Meadows, located 5.6 miles north of HWY 49 and HWY 351 ("Jonesboro City, Arkansas Statistics and Demographics ," 2010).

● Housing and Zoning
What is the age of the houses? Describe type of construction material, appearance, and general condition. Do you see single family housing? Multifamily housing?
Houses are new and like new condition with all of the houses being less than eight years old. Masonry is observed on exterior with singled roofs. Majority observed is single family housing including a mix of patio homes, garden homes and estate homes. condos and townhouses are also observed. Due to strict guidelines & restriction for landscaping and house construction being in place the entire community is very well maintained and appears to be in new condition("Jonesboro City, Arkansas Statistics and Demographics ," 2010).

● Common Meeting Places
Where do people in the neighborhood hang out? Who hangs out there and what hours of the day?
Neighborhood hang out is the “Club House” which houses a private swimming pool, tennis courts, playground, golf course and a country club dinning area/restaurant. During day time hours females ages 30-50, usually with one to two small children (under five years old) are observed poolside or in the park. Males age 30-65 observed on golf course. Pool closes at 6pm and Club house closes at 9pm ("Sage Meadows Country Club," 2012).

● Indicators of Growth or Decline
Is this a “thriving” community or does it look “run down?” Is there new or ongoing construction? Are...

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