Winslow Homer

Winslow Homer

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For this paper, I shall research about Winslow Homer and his artwork “Weather Beaten”. The artwork is very interesting as well as his life prior to it. Winslow Homer was born on February 24 1836 and died on September 29 1910. Although he had humble beginnings he is one of the most foremost painters in America during the nineteenth century.

Primarily self-taught, he was an apprentice for a lithographer at the age of nineteen. This accomplishment had not gone well as he became as freelancer during 1857. He eventually opened his own studio in 1859. During his early years as a painter he tended to draw images of the Union army during the Civil Army.

Losing inspiration he traveled through England from two years starting at 1881. He usually painted women looking at sea. When he returned to the states Homer’s style matured, from simple shapes and man related events to more complex shapes and to nature events. Though he painted nature, they tended to be harsh and dynamic environments.

Also Homer never taught formally, but his artworks influenced much of the future generation. Another interesting fact is that Homer was constantly traveling the United States painting the various environments. He finally died at 74. His legacy shall be remembered in the forms of his artworks and one of them is the artwork Weather Beaten.

Weather beaten is a very dynamic piece of art. The setting is at the rocky coast. It is said that this coast is somewhere off in the state of Maine. Anyway, it seems there was a violent storm, because the waves are very unstable. If this piece of artwork would be classified, it would be classified as American art.

This is the case for many reasons. The first reason is that the artworks are based of something in the United States. It may not be an event that the artist had seen, but something that could happen in the country. Weather Beaten has met that specific requirement.

Also American art is based on nature in America not, the...

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