Wireless Charging Market: Global Industry Analysis and Trends till 2020 by Future Market Insights

Wireless Charging Market: Global Industry Analysis and Trends till 2020 by Future Market Insights

Global Wireless
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Wireless charging is the process of recharging batteries of electrical devices without using
physically connected electric cables. The communication between transmitter (power
source) and receiver (device) is generally by microwave or electromagnetic induction. With
the emergence of wireless chargeable devices, the need to carry multiple chargers for
various devices will become obsolete. Chargeable devices such as mobile phones, and
tablets need to be handier. Wireless charging technologies are revolutionizing the current
electronic devices market to meet the demand for more efficient, standardized, safe and
portable power recharging options.
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Wireless charging is more applicable to charge smartphones, tablets and other small
handheld devices and wearable technologies. The obvious benefits associated with the use
of wireless charging includes efficiency of handling, protection from electric shocks, safe
charging option for devices that need to be waterproof, no need for maintenance of
charging cables and associated sockets. On the other hand, wireless charging technology is
comparatively less efficient, slow, and expensive. Most devices also radiate heat during the
charging process.
The global wireless charging market recently reported its development, due to continuous
updation in phones. The demand for sealed devices, increasing demand for power for
devices and inconvenience associated with carrying multiple chargers are the key drivers
behind growth of wireless charging technologies. The key restrains behind wireless

Report Description
charging are lack of...

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